the kitchen/dining area
                                         The beautiful yellow stone walls tell the ancient story of the Barn at “Les Volets Bleus”.  Originally a barn, this perfect     
        guest cottage is attached to the main Farmhouse, but has its own     
      entrance and separate living and dining area, including a modern kitchen which includes a dishwasher.  The ancient sink (”evier”) tells 
  of the past, while all the modern comforts of a coffee-maker, toaster, 
         microwave tell of the modern present.  The ancient dining room 
      table is perfect for lunch or dinner for up to 6 people.  A barbecue 
            outside is perfect for a summer evening picnic by the poolside.

                               step back into the 
perigordian past with the  
           ancient converted barn                                                   
           the living area
      The antique Victorian couch is a perfect spot for an afternoon nap, while the comfortable living area (complete with multi-region DVD and TV) is ready for all the family’s needs.  A window out on to the pool area and gardens offers a connection to the French countryside, while outdoors, there are plenty of chairs and tables to take advantage of the wonderful French summer weather.

                                             the bedrooms
                                   The upstairs master bedroom has a beautiful four-   
      poster queen-size bed with fresh, white linens awaiting your arrival, Windows open out on to the Dordogne countryside which stretches on for miles.  The downstairs twin bedroom is beautifully furnished with 2 single/twin beds done in a country French style, complete with stone walls and Perigordian beams.  The large downstairs twin room has windows with light pouring in from each side and a great view of the pool area and gardens. 

                  the bathroom
    Upstairs next to the master bedroom is the barn bathroom that has a bath, shower, a wash-basin, and a toilet, and plenty of space for storing all your necessities.  The bathroom is light with a window that overlooks the pool area and surrounding countryside. 

                                  the outdoors
                                    Take a few steps out the front doors of the Barn and you are in the heart of the French countryside.  The long, warm summer days and even longer nights means taking advantage of the barbecue and outdoor tables for meals.  The sunbeds and umbrellas by the pool are availabe for long days of soaking up the sun, or a quick swim after a day of sight-seeing.
bath & bedrooms
inside the barn
living & dining areas
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